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Here you will find various and up-to-date information on japanese adult movie. Sex is a basic drive, along with food, sleep, etc. However, in our society, it is too often associated with guilt. After seeing so many adult sites that looked so sleazy, I felt it was time to make a site available that didn't have that slimy porn look to it. Something informative, provocative and interesting.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Another Japanese adult movie newcomer!

Another gravure model getting into japanese adult movie industry, and her name is Azusa Ayano. This girl has a pair of incredible J-cup breasts. She is also tall and slim.

Azusa Ayano's profile:

Height: 179 cm

Size: B101 (J-70)cm W58cm H90cm

Blood type: B

Hobbies, specialty: shopping, piano, vollyball

Birthplace: Tochigi

Date of Birth: 6/15/83

Her 1st nude photobook

Her debut adult movie

and images from the movie:

image1, image2, image3, image4, image5, image6, image7, image8

That's it for now, in next post I'll post the "On The Scence Report of Azusa Ayano Debut Adult Video". This may takes some times since I have to translate it from Japanese to English.

48 Popular Japanese F**king Style!

Hi my dear friends, as promised in last post, please follow the link below, and you'll find an interesting picture of 48 popular japanese f**king styles, which I find interesting! Click here!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The 'Helicopter Man'-Micky Yani

Have you heard about a dude from japanese adult movie industry called 'Helicopter man'?

His real name is Micky Yanai. He is the most creative porn actor in japanese adult movie industry, I believe, who invented the Helicopter F****. He is the most famous porn actor in the web world, but strangely enough he is not so famous in Japan, this is the proof that he is great!

This guy has hair on his head but no hair on his p**** and nats' sack. Because he pull out his pubic hair by tweezer not cutting, ouch! Do you know that in Japan, the people who have no hair on their private parts are only him and cancer patients.

If you are interested in this f***king style, plz feel free to check it out here! One warning though, don't try it at home, since this guy has been trained for this stunt for some times and physically fit!

That's it for now dude, next time I show you the popular Japanese 48 f**king techniques!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Yuki Touma AV debut

Good news another Gravure model and Wrestling Competition Round Girl getting in Japanse adult movie, and her name is Yuki Touma. She's hot and sexy, you could check it out at her Yuki Touma

Japanese adult movie-Frequently used phrases

Have you ever wonder what did the conversation mean when you watching japanase adult movie? Below you will find some frequently used phrases by actors and actresses in japanese adult movie.

kimoochii?-does that feel good?
binbin(kuru)-(to get a) hard-on
hazukashi-I'm embarrassed/this is embarassing
suki-I like it
daisuki-I love it
doko (ni)?-where?
koko (ni)?-here?
so-yes/right/like that/that's it
oishii-tastes good
itai-ouch/that hurts
iya da-that's gross/stop it
dame-no good/stop it
asoko-genitals (literally - over there)
(o)chinchin-the male's sushi sword (the honorific "o" prefix sometimes used)
chinpo-as above (usually only heard on independent videos, so presumably ruder)
(o)manko-the female's equivalent (A dirty word - the only word I'm aware of that's "beeped" on most non- independent JAV)
iku-I'm coming... (literally - I'm going)
ikimasu-As above but polite
atskatta-that was hot
yokatta-that was good
ippai-a lot of...
nakadashi-cum inside (this becomes more and more popular in independent movie (Indies)
naka in dashite-please cum inside

That's all for now, and I'll add more phrases soon.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Who makes AV (adult movie)

The adult video manufacturers and companies can be classified into 3 groups: Mainstream, Independent and Underground.

Mainstream Av producers typically have been in the business the longest and are the most widely available in Japan both in retail and rental stores. The most popular female Av stars, the girls you always see in the magazines, will first making adult video for these companies. Kuki is the largest conglomerate of Av producers in Japan and has 8 production affiliates, namely Kuki, Atlas 21, Cosmos, Alice Japan, MAX-A, Big Morkal, Sexia and Gorilla. HRC (Human Relation and Confidence) is a smaller AV production group including of the Cher, Rouge and Zoom labels. Kasakura producing video range from pretty girl to amateur, madam, rape and bondage. HMP (Houya Media Produce) producing videos labels like Samm, Tiffany, Miss Christine, For you, Q, Jamm, Cream, 10, and Video Bank or Sex 9. These video labels are mainly dealing with straight sex, AV actress titles. Cinemagic producing mainly bondage and S&M. Marx Brothers is a fairly new mainstream AV firm. It has three labels: Princess, Super Burroughs and Boda.

Independent video companies (Indies) differ from the mainstream groups in that they don't subject their videos to the censorship standards of the Eirin ( a non-governmental organization made up of 23 movie studios. As a result, independent videos generally contain less censorship (digital mosaic), but since the Eirin also controls the video rental market, the Indies titles are not widely available for rental, but only through retail sales.

In addition, you're more likely to find your more adventuresome fetish subjects within this group.These companies including:Soft On DemandMomotaro. Its video labels have least censorship due to the use of a special digital mosaic mask.

It tends to go with new talent most of the time. And the most popular label by far is the Bejean series.Moodyz. formerly Mr. President, works very hard on getting well known AV stars in their videos.

Waap. Its videos are predominantly AV idol video labels, and the Dream Shower series is one of them.

Audaz. Features AV idols and amateur titles.

Wanz Factory. Mostly AV idol titles.

Others:Milky TV, Wildside, Dogma, Attackers, Dream Ticket Web, Shuttle, Gloryquest, Glay'z, Aurora, Lahaina, Btc, JNS_ JAPAN, 7th-inter.net, Cinemagic Co., Ltd., Atlas

Underground companies, always producing uncensored movies, and some times, some popular AV idols also starring in these movies.

P.S. There are more than 200 adult video makers in Japan to data. There are too many AV firms to be listed here and many are being created and dismantled every day but those are the ones you'll see 95% of the time.!!!

Japanese adult movie

Sometimes, japanese adult video is referred as AV or JAV. The adult video industry in Japan is huge, releasing hundreds of new titles every month. The genres of these titles including amateur, bondage, rape, schoolgirl, facial cum shots (or "bukkake"), scatology (pee & poop), and even older women videos called "madam."Japan's pornography trade, is the largest in Asian countries such as China, India and Korea.

Japan is more sexually permissive than most of the Pacific despite its hard line on censorshop.The japanese male fantasy tends to revolve around beauty, youth and innocence in their women. This seems to strike a chord among connoisseurs who see American or European porn as somewhat lacking in these areas.

Japan has no shortage of young ladies who not only fit these criteria but are also willing to show off a little of their naughty side. Lastly, I believe Westerners are attracted to the exotic nature of Japanese Women and Japanese Av. Here we tend to stereotype Asians in general as demure, bookish, even anti-sexual in a way. To see AV is to observe a whole other side of Japanese life and that adds another dimension to the feeling of arousal. At least it does for me.