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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The 'Helicopter Man'-Micky Yani

Have you heard about a dude from japanese adult movie industry called 'Helicopter man'?

His real name is Micky Yanai. He is the most creative porn actor in japanese adult movie industry, I believe, who invented the Helicopter F****. He is the most famous porn actor in the web world, but strangely enough he is not so famous in Japan, this is the proof that he is great!

This guy has hair on his head but no hair on his p**** and nats' sack. Because he pull out his pubic hair by tweezer not cutting, ouch! Do you know that in Japan, the people who have no hair on their private parts are only him and cancer patients.

If you are interested in this f***king style, plz feel free to check it out here! One warning though, don't try it at home, since this guy has been trained for this stunt for some times and physically fit!

That's it for now dude, next time I show you the popular Japanese 48 f**king techniques!


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