Japanese adult movie

Here you will find various and up-to-date information on japanese adult movie. Sex is a basic drive, along with food, sleep, etc. However, in our society, it is too often associated with guilt. After seeing so many adult sites that looked so sleazy, I felt it was time to make a site available that didn't have that slimy porn look to it. Something informative, provocative and interesting.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Japanese adult movie

Sometimes, japanese adult video is referred as AV or JAV. The adult video industry in Japan is huge, releasing hundreds of new titles every month. The genres of these titles including amateur, bondage, rape, schoolgirl, facial cum shots (or "bukkake"), scatology (pee & poop), and even older women videos called "madam."Japan's pornography trade, is the largest in Asian countries such as China, India and Korea.

Japan is more sexually permissive than most of the Pacific despite its hard line on censorshop.The japanese male fantasy tends to revolve around beauty, youth and innocence in their women. This seems to strike a chord among connoisseurs who see American or European porn as somewhat lacking in these areas.

Japan has no shortage of young ladies who not only fit these criteria but are also willing to show off a little of their naughty side. Lastly, I believe Westerners are attracted to the exotic nature of Japanese Women and Japanese Av. Here we tend to stereotype Asians in general as demure, bookish, even anti-sexual in a way. To see AV is to observe a whole other side of Japanese life and that adds another dimension to the feeling of arousal. At least it does for me.


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