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Here you will find various and up-to-date information on japanese adult movie. Sex is a basic drive, along with food, sleep, etc. However, in our society, it is too often associated with guilt. After seeing so many adult sites that looked so sleazy, I felt it was time to make a site available that didn't have that slimy porn look to it. Something informative, provocative and interesting.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Who makes AV (adult movie)

The adult video manufacturers and companies can be classified into 3 groups: Mainstream, Independent and Underground.

Mainstream Av producers typically have been in the business the longest and are the most widely available in Japan both in retail and rental stores. The most popular female Av stars, the girls you always see in the magazines, will first making adult video for these companies. Kuki is the largest conglomerate of Av producers in Japan and has 8 production affiliates, namely Kuki, Atlas 21, Cosmos, Alice Japan, MAX-A, Big Morkal, Sexia and Gorilla. HRC (Human Relation and Confidence) is a smaller AV production group including of the Cher, Rouge and Zoom labels. Kasakura producing video range from pretty girl to amateur, madam, rape and bondage. HMP (Houya Media Produce) producing videos labels like Samm, Tiffany, Miss Christine, For you, Q, Jamm, Cream, 10, and Video Bank or Sex 9. These video labels are mainly dealing with straight sex, AV actress titles. Cinemagic producing mainly bondage and S&M. Marx Brothers is a fairly new mainstream AV firm. It has three labels: Princess, Super Burroughs and Boda.

Independent video companies (Indies) differ from the mainstream groups in that they don't subject their videos to the censorship standards of the Eirin ( a non-governmental organization made up of 23 movie studios. As a result, independent videos generally contain less censorship (digital mosaic), but since the Eirin also controls the video rental market, the Indies titles are not widely available for rental, but only through retail sales.

In addition, you're more likely to find your more adventuresome fetish subjects within this group.These companies including:Soft On DemandMomotaro. Its video labels have least censorship due to the use of a special digital mosaic mask.

It tends to go with new talent most of the time. And the most popular label by far is the Bejean series.Moodyz. formerly Mr. President, works very hard on getting well known AV stars in their videos.

Waap. Its videos are predominantly AV idol video labels, and the Dream Shower series is one of them.

Audaz. Features AV idols and amateur titles.

Wanz Factory. Mostly AV idol titles.

Others:Milky TV, Wildside, Dogma, Attackers, Dream Ticket Web, Shuttle, Gloryquest, Glay'z, Aurora, Lahaina, Btc, JNS_ JAPAN, 7th-inter.net, Cinemagic Co., Ltd., Atlas

Underground companies, always producing uncensored movies, and some times, some popular AV idols also starring in these movies.

P.S. There are more than 200 adult video makers in Japan to data. There are too many AV firms to be listed here and many are being created and dismantled every day but those are the ones you'll see 95% of the time.!!!


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