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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Azusa Ayano's debut japanese adult movie on the scene report

On the scene report of Azusa Ayano's debut AV (Japanese adult movie)-"First Impression"

When we arrived at the production studio, Azusa-chan was wearing a blue, sexy, tiny bikini posing for photo shoots. The bikini was so tight and tiny that her huge boobs and private part were barely covered. Because this is the first time Azusa-chan making love in front of people, we could tell that she was kind of anxious and embarrased.

When we asked her what was the most embarrassing scene for her so far, she said that it was the scene in which she tried to talk honey and help the male performer to jerk off.

Azusa-chan told us that her most sensitive body parts were tips of her boobs, clitoris, and inside her vagina.

One of the scenes was Azusa-chan applying oil to her sexy boobs and body. When the oil started dipping from her boobs it looked so damn sexy. After the actor suck and rubbed her boobs tips for a while, she started to moan sexily. Then a toy pennis was inserted into her private part and started the pussy torturing, we could tell that she really reached the climax and cum.

The last scene was Azusa-chan was being bang hard in a sexy lingerie, in various positions, and cunt-licking. Finally the actor shot his load on her beautiful face!

We were surprised to discover how beautiful and flesh Azusa-chan's pussy!

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