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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Breaking News-Japanese Adult Movie Idols uncensored

Finally the japanese adult movies that every JAV fan's been waiting for are out!!!

Bunko kanazawa uncensored-The queen of Japanese porn stars, Bunko Kanazawa is here! Attention to her drooly movies!!

Manami Suzuki uncensored-Miss gorgeous, Manami Suzuki will show all of her flesh! Her face is covered with sticky-goo!! Totally sexy girl, Manami Suzuki who have been top race queen will show all of her flesh!

Jun Nada uncensored-She is well-known as No.1 pretty face in Japanese AV field! Enjoy her hot and sexy movies!! Her wet pussy looks pretty tight! I guess the only way to know is to check it out!

Hijiri Kayama uncensored-She looks pure and innocent girl, but she will turn into hard and nusty woman! Don't miss it. Can you imagine that the innocent cutie face girl sucks dick or fucks hard? And also she has totally sexy voice which makes a fuck go!

Yuria Yoshinaga uncensored-Yuria has the big and nice boobs! Enjoy her drooly sexy service! She can do anything for you!.

And best of all the above japanese adult movies are UNCENSORED!!!

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